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What is diffuser lockets?


Sometimes life gets tough and things get stressful. That's why you deserve aromatherapy; not just at home, or at the spa, but at the places you need it most. At work, at school, while you're running errands. You know, on the days where there just aren't enough hours, and you feel like you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached. We all have 'em. Essential lockets was created to allow you to take your essential oils with you everywhere you go - for those days where you have to remind yourself to "just breathe." Carefully hand-crafted, each of our items may seem like just a beautiful piece of jewelry, but we believe in adding function to fashion. Each piece is designed with a component to allow the oils to diffuse - either with an open faced pendant that contains eco-friendly bamboo fabric, a lava bead bracelet, or our high quality leather products that offer topical benefits in addition to the aromatic benefits. We create items for women, men, and children in all different styles so you are sure to find something you'll never want to take off!