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How to DIY a purse hanger


DIY a purse hanger,is a best choice as a gift.

Materials Needed:


  1. Place monogram sticker on decorative paper.

2. Apply a small amount of gluewater to the back of the clear glass cabochon.

3. Place the clear glass cabochon on top of the monogrammed paper and press firmly to ensure the bubbles are pressed out.

4.Allow the glass cabochon to dry.

5. Cut the excess paper from around the glass cabochon.

6. Place a small amount of gluewater onto the empty blank purse hanger surface.

7. Press the Cabochon into place on the purse hanger, making sure to align the monogram in the direction you prefer.

8. Wipe off any excess adhesive that may gush from the cabochon. Allow the purse hanger to dry before using.