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How to DIY Italian charms style bracelet


Nowadays, the Italian styled bracelets are more and more popular. This kind of bracelet is not only special but also meaningful. Do you have thought about making an Italian bracelet on your own style? This will be meaningful to make it as a gift to your families and friends. The amount of the charms depends on your wrist. Usually 18 charms can make one Italian bracelet. For the beginners, you will only take 10-15 minutes to finish it. Then after you familiar with it, it will take less time!

Materials you need:1. One repair tool 2. Italian Charms

Step 1: Pick up the charms you want to combine.

Step 2: Choose one of the charms and push it by your hand or you can move it aside by the repair tool.

Step 3: Move aside the gap of the letter component on the right side. After you pull it out, just as the picture 2 shows, you will find a hooked part which is curving. This part is used to hook other components.

Step 4: Put the letters which need to be connected into the gap by the repair tool and push it to the left. Then fix it by hands so that it will be more convenient for the next connection.

Step 5: Push the flexible part of the letter component to the left by the repair tool so that it will be convenient for the hooking.

Step 6: The backsides of the repulsive letters are shown as the figure.

Step 7: Connect the letters you need in sequence.

Now the Italian bracelets are finished. You could DIY combine any style of it.